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Tuesday 6.03


Amanda Lamb
Quail Ridge Books and Music—Death by arsenic? For some, it's the basis for a charming Frank Capra comedy starring Cary Grant. For others, it's a true-life crime that rocked the Triangle earlier this decade.

Eric Miller, a 30-year-old promising pediatric AIDS researcher, died of arsenic poisoning in 2000. His wife, Ann Miller, a bright, demure, RTP pharmaceutical scientist and mother to their newborn daughter, appears distraught ... or does she? As the facts come to light, from the new hairdo while hubby lies dying to the dead lover with a suicide note, it seems like the Lifetime Movie Network could not have penned a better script.

The true story is, in fact, written by local WRAL news reporter Amanda Lamb in her book, Deadly Dose: The Untold Story of a Homicide Investigator's Crusade for Truth and Justice. The investigator of the title is 30-year veteran Raleigh police Lt. Chris Morgan, for whom the case was "like a bad rash that wouldn't go away." (We can't wait for Mariska Hargitay to use that line to describe her latest investigation on Law & Order: SVU.)

Morgan is a man drawn to a new case "like a drug" (ironic for a story about poison, no?) and is the one who knew as soon as Ann Miller stepped into the Raleigh Police Department that something was up. She may have looked like "a helpless little girl," but Morgan sensed correctly that it was all an act. Almost five years of investigating later, Miller, now Ann Miller Kontz, landed behind bars for 25 years.

Both Lamb and Morgan will be Quail Ridge Books tonight at 7 p.m. No word on whether refreshments will be provided—perhaps to be on the safe side, you should bring your own. —Jessica Fuller

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