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Tuesday 6.02

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Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles

Berkeley Cafe—The movement of Sarah Borges' sound across her three albums can be mapped thusly: ROOTS-rock to roots-rock to roots-ROCK. Or, in kindred spirit terms: Lucinda Williams to Neko Case to Joan Jett. OK, that last one only applies to the opener "Do It for Free" on the new The Stars Are Out, but that song is a dead-ringer for early-MTV Jett. Elsewhere on Stars, Borges covers everybody from Magnetic Fields and new wavers Any Trouble to NRBQ and Smokey Robinson, never failing to charm no matter what the roots vs. rock recipe. Things start cooking at 8 p.m., and tickets are $12. —Rick Cornell


Show Up, Speak Out: The Public Life of Betty Ann Knudsen

Galaxy Cinema—Bev Perdue is North Carolina's first woman governor, Kay Hagan's one of our U.S. senators, and state politics today, though still kind of an antediluvian boys club, has come a long way, baby, from Betty Ann Knudsen's days as a pioneering, and fearless Democratic woman in Raleigh. Now 80, Knudsen's achievements are the subject of a documentary film by Vivian Bowman-Edwards, a teacher at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies. The film won raves when it debuted in March.

Knudsen was the first chairwoman of the Wake County Commissioners and the strategist behind the election of many other "first" women, including Raleigh's one and only female mayor, Isabella Cannon. She was also a tireless campaigner for the Equal Rights Amendment at a time when that really ruffled men's feathers. But though they squawked, she never backed down, absolutely confident that history would vindicate her. Show Up, Speak Out begins at 7:30 p.m. It's free, but donations toward production costs will be accepted. —Bob Geary


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