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Tuesday 5.27


Cat's Cradle—X first splashed in Los Angeles' 1970s punk cauldron. Unlike most of its peers, though, the band was never limited by punk's outré style. After a roaring start with two records, X became known for an integration of rockabilly, country and even folk, while many West Coast punks blared on in one mindless, if point-making, key. Since those landmark days, John Doe ventured more into country and rock on his own, while Exene Cervenka works with her band, The Original Sinners, and as a spoken word performer.

Though they've reappeared in different forms over the years, including the country band they called The Knitters, this tour marks the band's 31st year with the all-original lineup of guitarist Billy Zoom and drummer DJ Bonebrake. Both principal writers, Doe and Cervenka, are hardly out of practice, so this should be that rare thing: an exhilarating reunion. With The Detroit Cobras. The 8:30 p.m. show costs $23. —Chris Toenes

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