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Tuesday 5.13

  • Ladyhawk

Chapel Hill
Ladyhawk, Neva Dinova
Local 506—Two years ago, this would have been a ringing endorsement: Ladyhawk, four grizzled Canadian dudes, had just released its self-titled debut, alternately punchy and sprawling Southern slackjaw grunge via Vancouver. Great songs about making out, having sex, drinking beer and being a romantic landed hooks and exuded aura. Meanwhile, Omaha's Neva Dinova was one year removed from The Hate Yourself Change and a prelude split with Bright Eyes: Both showcased the sad country side of frontman Jake Bellows, dreaming from eyes that had seen too much damage to stay open very long. A subsequent Ladyhawk EP and LP, though, have been half-baked and listless, while the newest Neva Dinova—which includes an anti-technology screed and a handful of songs that sound like they could use less technology themselves—sounds like an attempt at differentiation from an indie rock band that always sounded so great swaying in the middle of the road. Still, Ladyhawk knows guitar solos. With A is Jump for $10 at 9 p.m. —Grayson Currin

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