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Tuesday 4.15

Iron & Wine
  • Iron & Wine

Chapel Hill
Iron & Wine, Califone
UNC's Memorial Hall—A redemptive grace shapes the foundations of Chicago's Califone and Texas-via-South Carolina's Iron & Wine: Califone backs Tim Rutili's elliptical muse with folk sounds augmented via corruption. Banjos spin in reverse and fiddles or bouzoukis get cut and coded like tape, eventually returning into a consonant current tiding beneath the words of a lifelong seeker. Appropriately, Iron & Wine treats frontman Sam Beam's more linear reflections with tenderness, building his words through straightforward if unexpected textures from many of the same instruments. Stick your ear to the door for a glimpse of this beautiful but sold-out show at 8 p.m. —Grayson Currin

Chapel Hill
Dirty Little Heaters
Fuse—The Heaters' Reese McHenry has a voice that can rattle chandeliers at 50 paces. Not just with power but with the bluesy depth of Big Mama Thornton, where everything she sings sounds a little, well, dirty. The Heaters are now a trio: With bassist Rob Walsh (formerly of the Spinns) and Dave Perry (Jett Rink), they nod to heavy metal riffs and heavy psychedelics, all tempered by McHenry's soulful wail—unmatchable 'round these parts. With ramshackle bent-blues heroes Twilighter. 10 p.m. —Chris Toenes


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