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Tuesday 3.09

  • Tyvek

Chapel Hill
Awesome Color, Tyvek

Local 506—The ground Awesome Color's music covers—think shaggy, big-bottomed 70s rock, ranging from the Sabbath to the Nugent—has certainly been claimed by many predecessors. What they lack in originality, however, they more than make up for with their immense black-lit riffs. In contrast, Tyvek's nervy skittishness brings to mind (along with other lo-fi luminaries) a slightly less frequently exploited sound of the Me Decade: the dulcet tones of punk-art terrorists Pere Ubu. There's no show stopper like "Final Solution" or "Non-Alignment Pact" lying in wait, but there's enough mischievous loopiness and whiplash-inspiring left turns in their musical mien to make such concerns irrelevant. Pay $8 at 9:30 p.m. See www.local506.com. —David Raposa

Thomas Barrie

Quail Ridge Books & Music—"Architecture reaches out for the truth," the architect Louis Kahn said. Some go to church for truth, and others prefer to see a spiritual presence in everyday life. Thomas Barrie looks at architecture and sees a way to connect with the divine. Barrie, an architecture professor at N.C. State's College of Design, presents The Sacred In-Between: The Mediating Roles of Architecture and talks in-depth about his ideas at 7:30 p.m. Visit www.quailridgebooks.com. —Sarah Ewald

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