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Tuesday 1.29

Holy Fuck
  • Holy Fuck

Super Furry Animals, The Fiery Furnaces, Holy Fuck
Cat's Cradle—While listening to Welsh group Super Furry Animals' latest, Hey Venus!, one expects the tracks to loop around to "My Boyfriend's Back" or "Wanderer." Bypassing many of the psychedelic phases that have flanked the band's pop sensibilities in the past, Hey Venus! is closer to a postmodern tragic sock-hop—a slew of dreamy arrangements mixed with mild ugliness, with songwriting that sometimes works in a metaphor but often doesn't bother with devices that could distract such inverted exuberance.

Toronto noisemakers Holy Fuck—electronica that gets its layered, battering effect at least in part by beating the shit out of pedals and a film projector embedded with a microphone—work best in front of a living, breathing, squirming audience. Each of the songs on its latest LP—called LP—has a Lego-world structure, allowing for rhythms, consonant loops and sparkling keyboard melodies to stack into surprising shapes. Live, the Legos get bent on Optimus Prime dominance.

In the middle of a bill that's as intriguing up close as it is through headphones, Brooklyn sibling pairing The Fiery Furnaces continues to art-rock its way through trans-decade sonic shades, sometimes bleeding bass beats, sometimes channeling soulful '70s defiance, always doing something you won't expect. The triple-bill is a $15 bargain that starts at 8:30 p.m. —Margaret Hair


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