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Tuesday 1.19

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  • Photo by Soliel Konkel

Chapel Hill
Shit Horse

Nightlight—One of the best moments of last summer's XX Merge extravaganza happened on a Carrboro sidewalk, sometime well after midnight, as Imperial Teen plodded through its closing Cradle set. On Main Street, down the block from ACME, Shit Horse—the guerilla-attack rock 'n' roll quartet led by Danny Mason, a homeless 51-year-old blues-soul-wisdom howler who recently said, "Maybe my home is entertainment"—launched into a 20-minute set of complete enthusiasm. Fans and gathering passersby surrounded the surprisingly agile band, pushing against the instruments and each other. Fireworks rained down from a nearby rooftop. A cop encouraged people to keep out of the street.

Shit Horse still supplies its specialty—surprise gigs—but you'll have two chances to catch Mason with his band (featuring members of Americans in France and Impossible Arms) in clubs: They'll play Friday, Jan. 15, at The Cave at 10 p.m. and tonight at Nightlight at 9 p.m. Look for a shitload of Shit Horse releases this year—an EP (They Shit Horses, Don't They?), an LP, a DVD, a collaboration with The Kingsbury Manx and a Danny Mason 7". For more on the conquests of the Horse, visit www.twitter.com/shithorse. —Grayson Currin


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