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Tuesday 1.05

Jews & Catholics
  • Jews & Catholics

The Sour Notes, Jews & Catholics

The Reservoir—A little less anxious than Interpol and a little less contagious than Phoenix, The Sour Notes coil two busy guitars—alternately chiming and grating, spiraling and swan diving—around a nervous disco-punk rhythm section. New member Elaine Greer, who joined for the Austin quartet's latest, It's Not Gonna Be Pretty (released New Year's Day), adds air beneath the sprints. Early evidence from the forthcoming LP by Greensboro duo Jews & Catholics is promising: Recorded by Mitch Easter and Cheetie Kumar, the oddball pairing of upright bass, electronic drums and sinewy guitar lines seems to have gained some confidence. Instrumental archers The Battle Rockets open the free show at 10 p.m. —Grayson Currin

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