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Tree-cutting will leave scar


Tree-cutting will leave scar

I was glad to see that the meeting of citizens, Urban Forestry, and Duke Energy representatives concerning Duke Energy's plans for cutting under the Green Street transmission lines was reported in the Independent ("Trees and power lines conflict along Durham's Green and Watts streets," Oct. 10). However, the transmission lines do not only go through Trinity Park. They start near Dacian and run along the Ellerbe Creek Watershed, turning to follow Green Street through Trinity Park and Trinity Heights, pass within two blocks of Watts-Hillandale, brush Old West Durham, and pass over the Crest Street neighborhood.

If the project is carried out as planned by Duke Energy, it will leave an ugly scar through our city, destroying the leafy cover and shade as well as reducing property values. While we appreciate [Duke Energy representatives] Phil Ray and Ken Kernodle meeting with us, we have heard nothing from the people at Duke Energy who can make decisions, and we are waiting to talk to those people.

Cavett French

Movie comments biased

I just reviewed the write-up for the movie Why Did I Get Married (Film Calendar, Oct. 10) and was a bit bothered, though not surprised, by the unintelligent, biased and prejudiced comments regarding this movie. Your comments—"under-the-radar hits" and "deep-fried slapstick"—only demonstrate how individuals like this person refuse to acknowledge that a person like Tyler Perry can produce anything that "all people" would enjoy and how you repeatedly try to discredit efforts from people like Perry with asinine remarks like this review.This movie stars major industry people with a serious story line, and the best you could come up with was this lame and insulting review. This review was quite ignorant, and gives insight to the limited cultural and diversity environment at the Independent.

Kelly Paylor

Editor's note: The Oct. 10 write-up was an unstarred preview. A regular review appears in this week's film calendar.

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