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Timely questions


  • Are the chicken's eggs organic if they're getting coffee grounds (shade grown ... ) in their compost breakfasts?
  • What about Miracle Gro? Is everyone (secretly) using it now to boost their tomatoes?
  • We've always said, "What goes around comes around." Is that a good thing?
  • I know what she means when she says JK, LOL, and G2G, but what does "ish" mean?
  • Is the ocean really only three hours away? And why aren't I there (yet)?
  • Cats and dogs, all kissy face when we're around. But when we leave for work, is it Lord of the Flies on Animal Planet?
  • Is the drought over?
  • Is the war over?
  • Will the homework ever get done?
  • Will there always be an NBA playoff game on at bedtime?
  • Are we up to 600 songs on Kazaa yet? Are we going to start getting those angry e-mails? Should we delete all those clean versions of "In da Club?"
  • Was I really supposed to cover 80 percent of those tomato plants with dirt?
  • Is there a Clash song in every movie this year?
  • Was there ever a better summer pop song than "Don't Worry Baby?"

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