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THX 1138

Hard to believe, but the Star Wars epic is neither George Lucas' first nor his only credit. His first feature, THX 1138, is based on his own award-winning student film and proves a very interesting primer to all things Lucas. In a cold, futuristic 1984-ish world, THX 1138 is a man (played by Robert Duvall) silently struggling against the Big Brother-like system. The sets are very stark and minimal, and so is the dialogue. This eerie film reaches an exciting climax in a chase scene through what in 1970 was to become part of San Francisco's subway system. By the way, THX-1138 was Lucas' phone number in his student days, and "THX" is also the name of his trademark sound system, created specifically for this film and used in most theaters today. Duke's Freewater Films will screen it Thursday night. See "Special Showings" for details.

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