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Thursday 3.27


Chapel Hill
E.L. Doctorow
Hanes Art Center, UNC Campus—American novelist E.L. Doctorow will give a free public lecture, "Notes on the History of Fiction," at 6:30 p.m. in the Hanes Art Center. A book signing, beginning at 5:30, will precede the talk.

Doctorow, two-time winner of the PEN/ Faulkner award and winner of the National Book Award, is a Frey Foundation Distinguished Visiting Professor at UNC. His most recent novel, 2005's The March, an apocalyptic journey across the South with the army of William Tecumseh Sherman, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Backed by a seminal literary career spanning almost 50 years, these "Notes on the History of Fiction" from the 77-year-old former professor certainly promise a unique and fascinating vantage point from which to understand the history of narrative literature. During his visit, Doctorow will also speak in selected UNC classes and at a symposium on the Civil War Saturday, March 29. —Gerry Canavan

Maple Stave, Noncanon
Slims's—Seriously, can you handle Maple Stave? One of the Triangle's tightest acts, Maple Stave taps a from-concentrate cocktail of '90s indie rock essentialists from Louisville and Chicago. It ties the impenetrable badass-ness of Rodan to the foreboding grandiosity of Slint to the wound-tight rockness of June of 44. Drummer Evan Rowe is a time machine with its own internal, immaculate logic, and Andy Hull and Chris Williams build atop that time into wreck-your-ears anthems. If Danny Vaughn's Noncanon was a girl, your mom would describe her as "an unordinary pretty." That is, this trio makes serpentine pop that twists conventions and expectations. The 10 p.m. show costs $3. —Grayson Currin


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