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Thursday 11.19

Melt Banana
  • Melt Banana

Chapel Hill
Melt Banana

Local 506—Melt Banana jutted out of the staid '90s indie rock world like an exercise in exoticism. Their speed alone appealed to anybody still lusting for a good mosh pit, and the group's Japanese noise roots multiplied the weirdness factor. But their sound was never noise without some rock attached to it. Instead of drone, there's speed-metal pummel. Singer Yasuko Onuki and guitarist Ichirou Agata have played with various drummers throughout, and this year the band is mixing it up again, with Agata dropping out during part of their set for Melt Banana Lite, a small set with drums, vocals and some synthesizer. Raleigh's razor-edge Rocket Cottage opens. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and costs $10-$12. Check the specs at —Chris Toenes

Open House

Orange County Literacy Council—The nonprofit Orange County Literacy Council (OCLC) has spent a quarter of a century providing one-on-one tutoring for those struggling to learn to read and write. Coincidentally, the OCLC has just moved into a new office, so the 25th anniversary will be marked with an open house for the public tonight at the new space in Carrboro's Carr Mill Mall. The new location enables the OCLC to launch a computer literacy training lab and additional reading/one-on-one rooms. It might be surprising to think about illiteracy in a college community like Orange County, but 12 percent of the population is struggling to read at a high school level. Currently, the OCLC is looking for tutors who speak a second language. Executive Director Alice Denson will be on hand tonight with staff, volunteers and AmeriCorps members. —Rebekah L. Cowell

Wall Street

Galaxy Cinema—The name Gordon Gekko and his motto, "Greed is good," became emblematic of the Reagan years after the 1987 release of Oliver Stone's Wall Street. The '80s began with a deep economic recession, which evolved into a go-go financial atmosphere that led to the ascendancy of such real-life Gekkos as Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. Now that we're living through the fallout occasioned by another generation of Wall Street machinations, making a sequel seems almost redundant, yet Stone has announced plans to do just that, with Michael Douglas returning as Gekko and Shia LaBeouf joining the cast. In the meantime, experience cinematic déjà vu with tonight's screening of the original at the N.C. Museum of Art's film series at the Galaxy Cinema. (The series is curated by Indy contributor Laura Boyes.) The screening starts at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $5 or $3.50 for Galaxy and NCMA members. See and —Belem Destefani

Fred Chappell

Quail Ridge Books & Music—Fans of Fred Chappell already know the former North Carolina poet laureate's range, but his new collection, Ancestors and Others: Selected Stories, might surprise readers. In Ancestors, Chappell explores a wide range of genres, from realistic tales of Appalachia to more fantastic tales of the supernatural. Chappell appears at 7:30 p.m. Visit —Zack Smith

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