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Thursday 1.07

Liquor Store
  • Liquor Store

Liquor Store, Highest Power, Wild Wild Geese

The Pinhook—Led by a howler named Sarim Al-Rawi, a former member of Titus Andronicus and the producer of the buzz-eating Real Estate records, New Jersey's Liquor Store is a like bringing a knife to a snowball fight, using a small guitar army of five to torture and tickle straightforward skuzzy rock exclamations. Rhys Chatham, who writes symphonies for hundreds of guitars, was inspired by a Ramones show at CBGBs; Liquor Store resolves that chord, bringing such power to bear on songs that roar from the basement. Care to get behind hedonism at high volume? Fantastic. Chapel Hill's Wild Wild Geese headlines, and Jersey's Highest Power opens. See —Grayson Currin

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