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Thinking caps



Students in Adam Eisenson's fourth-grade class at Easley Elementary in Durham were recently asked to describe their "thinking caps." A selection of their responses follows.

My hat has a satellite so I can take people's answers and use them. It can camouflage with anything. It gives me ideas and creativity. I wear it all the time and it changes into all sorts of hats.

--ashley princeMy thinking cap is red with violet paint on both sides and has the two letters T and C in the middle of the cap. The cap has two large bat wings on the sides used for generating your learning skills. Also I have streamers at the front of the hat to help your eyes focus on the teacher. On my cap are two little black horns used for getting rid of all wrong answers in your mind. Last but not least is the spinner on top of the hat that is used for bringing in all the right answers to questions.

--alex spathisWhenever I have a problem I need help solving I put on my thinking cap. It sort of resembles a baseball cap. It has a blue visor and the cap part is pink with a black question mark on the front. Then it gets interesting with a big yellow circuit box on top of the cap, with a small TV screen in the center that shows my ideas. On each side is a light bulb that blinks when I have a good idea. When I have a brainstorm the cloud and lightning glow at the explosion of the lightning. The electricity crackles like popcorn popping in a bowl. Unfortunately there aren't many explosions.

--beth langMy description of a perfect thinking cap would be a hat that allows me to answer any question people ask me. A perfect thinking cap would feel loose so it would be comforting. A perfect thinking cap would smell crisp and fresh. If a goat ate a perfect thinking cap, it would taste fresh and smoky because ideas are burning in your head.

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