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There Be Dragons

Rated PG-13 117 min. 2011

Casting Charlton Heston as a Mexican narcotics officer didn't ruin Touch of Evil. However, writer-director Roland Joffé is no Orson Welles—it's been a quarter century since Joffé made The Mission and The Killing Fields—and the curious Anglo casting of this historical drama proves risible to the point of distracting. Robert (Dougray Scott), a journalist researching the life of Catholic priest and Opus Dei founder Josemaría Escrivá (Brit Charlie Cox) on the eve of his canonization, discovers his estranged, dying father, Manolo (American Wes Bentley), once shared a complicated friendship with Escrivá. Told via flashbacks, the muddled screenplay oscillates between Escrivá's efforts to escape the Red Terror during the Spanish Civil War and the fictionalized Manolo's service as a nationalist mole who infiltrates Republican rebel forces. Joffé dedicates far more effort to the sporadic battle scenes and vintage costumes than delving into the motives of any character, particularly Escrivá and the precepts of the personal prelature he founded. Clunky dialogue and ham-fisted editing consigns this religious "epic" to the level of a banal FoxFaith production.

Film Credits

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Director: Roland Joffé

Writer: Roland Joffé

Producer: Guy J. Louthan, Ignacio Núñez and Ignacio G. Sancha

Cast: Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley, Dougray Scott, Unax Ugalde, Olga Kurylenko, Pablo Lapadula, Golshifteh Farahani, Rusty Lemorande, Ana Torrent and Alfonso Bassave


There Be Dragons

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