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Ants! Giant ants! Giant, mutant ants! Giant, mutant ants terrorize the Southwest! Few films inspire the use of so many exclamation points, but Them!, along with many of its fine '50s sci-fi counterparts, demands the self-conscious placement of such insistent punctuation. Reflecting the Cold War hysteria felt by the 1950s American populace, Them! tells the story of a multitude of ants that mutate after being exposed to some pretty heavy nuclear testing in the desert. But this isn't your average schlock-filled, sci-fi cult classic. Them! is well respected, well directed, well written and well referenced. Watching these old classics makes one realize how much contemporary sci-fi flicks have "borrowed" from the past. (Watch for an ant egg-burning scene that's imitated in Aliens.) This is another presentation of the Natural Horror Picture series at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences. Catch it for free on Friday night and run for your life! See "Special Showings" for details.

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