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Theatre in the Park's Somewhere in Between



A decade after Theatre in the Park produced The Rocker, Adrienne Earle Pender's strong debut as a regional playwright, her new work, SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, arrives as a hard-fought—if, in places, somewhat underwritten—declaration of independence.

Central character McKenna Hahn (a solid Page Purgar) is still reeling from the death of her husband Marcus when further blows arrive from all corners. Her intimidating sister-in-law Denise (compelling Hazel Edmond) is no longer hiding her contempt for McKenna and wants her out of the house. Her best friend, Stacey (Brenda Lo), and her domineering brother, Jack (a striking Chris Milner), both think she should leave as well. Then the enigmatic Andrew (Byron Jennings II) shows up with a revelation that shakes McKenna's understanding of her marriage.

Under Maggie Rasnick's direction, this talented cast pressurizes the domestic drama. There are key character flaws McKenna has to face to come into her own. But when some of those difficulties are referenced in dialogue rather than exemplified on stage, it's clear that the promising script still needs work.

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