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The Year in Film 2008


Cinema we can believe in

Happy days are here—just don't pay too close attention to the year-end hype
By Neil Morris


Breaking the glass screen

Was 2008 the year that girls put the bust into blockbuster?
By Laura Boyes


Department of corrections

Twice this year, I was awed by small films by acknowledged and accomplished American auteurs.
By Nathan Gelgud


The difference of a decade

While Phantom Menace might have been a harbinger of the remakes, sequels and general pointlessness of the next 10 years, the films of 1999 are noteworthy in other ways, too.
By Zack Smith


Worst Films of 2008

We tried to stay away from the likes of Saw 5 and Prom Night, instead targeting movies that had pretensions to quality.

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