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The Warriors

When: Wed., April 21, 8 p.m. 2010

Warrrrriorrs ... come out and plaaaay-yayyy!" Ah, the sweet, semi-hallucinogenic violence of Walter Hill's 1979 gangs vs. gangs hit The Warriors. Drawn heavily from the Greek soldier Xenophon's most famous work, the Anabasis (Hill originally wanted Orson Welles to do an introduction linking the theme to Greek mythology), it's the tale of what happens when the most fashion-coordinated gangs of New York all turn against the Warriors after a failed peace summit. We're talking punks, Baseball Furies and the ever-creepy Luther (David Patrick Kelly, who improvised the Coke-bottle-accompanied taunt at the beginning of this blurb). So hard-core that it inspired real-world incidents of gang violence after its opening weekend (which only helped its grosses), The Warriors plays for a $5 ticket at the Colony's Cool Classics at 8 p.m. Tony Scott is apparently doing a remake for 2012, but why bother when you can see the original? As they say in the film, CAN ... YOU ... DIG ... IT? —Zack Smith

Price: $5

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