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The Triangle's Complete 2006 Discography

The Triangle's Complete 2006 Discography


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Rock 'N' Roll Quarterly: Sounds Good
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The Triangle was responsible for more than 150 records this year, and we've compiled them all, or at least come close. Several albums included come from former Triangle residents who don't call this home anymore, but if Crooked Fingers frontman Eric Bachmann ever releases a song called "Carrboro Woman" and we don't feel compelled to claim him, that will require much more explanation than simply including it.

Little Brother & DJ Drama—Separate but Equal
  • Little Brother & DJ Drama—Separate but Equal

9th Wonder, Brooklyn on My Mind (single; 6 Hole Records)

Alesana, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax (Tragic Hero)

American Aquarium, Antique Hearts (self-released)

Annuals, Be He Me (Ace Fu)

Annuals, Brother (7"; Ace Fu)

A Rooster for the Masses, Gallo Rojo (self-released)

Ashley Atkins, Ashley Atkins (Carbonated Records)

Audubon Park, Teenage Horses (Pox World Empire)

Auxiliary House, Play More Games (Trekky)

The Avett Brothers, Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions (Ramseur)

The Avett Brothers, The Gleam (Ramseur)

Eric Bachmann, To the Races (Saddle Creek)

Riley Baugus, Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)

Between the Buried & Me, The Anatomy Of (Victory)

Blag'ard, Blank Faced Clocks (Pig Zen's Pace)

Bombadil, Bombadil (Ramseur)

Bowerbirds, Danger at Sea (self-released)

Brantley Family Band, 2006 Christmas Album (online only)

Darien Brockington, Somebody to Love (Hall of Justus/ ABB)

Dan Bryk, Christmas Record (self-released)

Bull City, Bull City (self-released)

Bune Dokkaz, Dynamic Mirror (self-released)

Caltrop, Caltrop (self-released)

Can Joann, Hurt People Hurt People (self-released)

Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan, We Are Not at the Opera (307 Knox)

Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dona Got a Ramblin' Mind (Music Maker)

C.E.L-D, Who Iz CEL-D? (Gifted Music)

Chatham County Line, Speed of the Whippoorwill (Yep Roc)

Children of the Horn, Children of the Horn (self-released)

Cities, Cities (Yep Roc)

Cities, Variations (Yep Roc)

Cleaver Smith Swenson & McKnight, Changin' My Mind (ItstheMusic Productions)

Cloacal Kiss, Easter (Arclight Communications)

Cub Country, Lucky Knife (Sit-n-Spin)

Daylight Dies, Dismantling Devotion (Candlelight Records)

Des Ark, Live On WXDU (self-released)

DeYarmond Edison, The Bickett Gallery Residency, Vol. 1 (self-released)

DeYarmond Edison, EP (online only)

Dirty5Thirty, Itsnotgonnabelikeitwasbefore (self-released)

DJ Paradime & L.E.G.A.C.Y., Whut? The Mixtape (Hall of Justus)

Don de Leaumont, This Train's a Comin' (self-released)

James Dunn, Lonely American Dream (self-released)

Emotional Joystick, Band (self-released)

Erie Choir, Slighter Awake (Sit-n-Spin)

Facedowninshit, NPON (Relapse)

Fashion Design, Model (307 Knox)

Feeding the Fire, Naked to the Invisible Eye (self-released)

Forward All, Forward All (self-released)

Roman Candle—The Wee Hours Revue
  • Roman Candle—The Wee Hours Revue

Ghost Dog, Hidden in the Leaves (self-released)

Gob Iron (Anders Parker and Jay Farrar), Death Songs for the Living (Sony)

The Gondoliers, Tomorrow's Missing Link (Earie)

Hall of Justus, Soldiers of Fortune (Hall of Justus/ ABB)

Heads on Sticks, Marsupials (self-released)

He is Legend, Suck Out the Poison (Solid State)

The Honored Guests, Tastes Change (Breakfast Mascot Music)

Hooverville, Follow that Trail of Dust Back Home (Back Up and Push)

Hotel Lights, goodnightgoodmorning (Sit-n-Spin)

Hotel Lights, Hotel Lights (Bar/None)

Idea of Beauty, Fire it Up (Future Tense)

Inflowential, The Inflow E.P. (self-released)

Jaguaro, An Evening with Jaguaro (307 Knox)

Jemima James, Book Me Back in Your Dreams (Tomato Music)

Junior Varsity Superheroes, Thursday Night Game (Carbonated Records)

Seth Kaufman, Ting (HighTone Records)

Kickin Grass, On the Short Rows (self-released)

Charles Latham, Pretty Mouth (self-released)

L.E.G.A.C.Y, Hip Hop DX Presents... (mixtape)

Jeremy Lev, Rhythms from Another Summer (self-released)

Jule Brown, Smoke and Mirrors (Enabler)

Kaze, Last Laugh b/w Blood Thicker Than Oil (single; Brick Records)

Kaze, Word on the Street (mixtape; Vintage Music Group)

Little Brother & DJ Drama, Separate but Equal (mixtape)

Little Brother, The Commercial Free EP (Atlantic)

Lovehead & The Real, The Definition of Love (self-released)

Maple Stave, EP 2 (Din Din)

David McConnell, Polysymphonic Sun (self-released)

David McKnight & Bruce Emery, All is Calm, All is Bright (self-released)

Seth Kaufman—Ting
  • Seth Kaufman—Ting

Deneen McEachern, Hard Dark Love (Tomato Music)

Mighty Lester, We Are Mighty Lester (self-released)

The Milagro Saints, Let It Rain (Moon Caravan Records)

Orlando Morales, Dalai Lama Come Back Home (self-released)

The Motion, The Arrival (self-released)

The Mountain Goats, Babylon Springs EP (4AD)

The Mountain Goats, Get Lonely (4AD)

Gilbert Neal, Drink the Beast with Me (self-released)

The Nein, Transitionalisms (Sonic Unyon)

The Never, Antarctica (Trekky)

The Nevers, Someday, Maybe Never (Oswald)

New Heathens, Heathens Like Me (self-released)

Nikki Meets the Hibachi, Back Around (self-released)

North Elementary, The Weeble Wobble Sound Series Vol. 3 (Sit-n-Spin)

Oblivious Action Figures, Heavy Listening, Vol. 1 (self-released)

Odd Numbers, Here Ya Go, Little Girl (In Debt)

Oh My God I Just Had the Most Amazing Year, EP (self-released)

The Old Ceremony, Our One Mistake (sonaBlast)

The Old Regime, Jank (self-released)

Overproof, Love in the Dark New Age (No Gong)

Anders Parker, Anders Parker (Baryon)

Patty Hurst Shifter, Too Crowded on the Losing End (EVO)

Phon, The Orm (Iseler Communication Recordings)

Portastatic, Be Still Please (Merge)

Portastatic, Who Loves the Sun Bundle (Merge)

Portastatic, Sour Shores (Merge; digital release)

The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, Redux (self-released; digital release)

The Presidents, Watergate Lewinsky (self-released)

The Proclivities, Predispositions (self-released)

Puritan Rodeo, We All Share the Same Secret (self-released)

Rebel Son, Unreconstructed (Hot Rod Hell)

The Relatively Calm, Pre-emptive Strike (self-released)

Dexter Romweber, Piano (Orange Sound Production)

Tres Chicas—Bloom, Red & the Ordinary Girl
  • Tres Chicas—Bloom, Red & the Ordinary Girl

Kenny Roby, The Mercy Filter (Pulp)

Roman Candle, The Wee Hours Revue (V2)

Kal Royale, My Soul to Keep (Flavor Fruit Enterprises)

Saunter, Excuses (self-released)

Schooner, Rocky P.(self-released)

Sean Boog, The Great Adventures of Sean Wayne (mix tape)

Shakermaker, Music Room (self-released)

6 Inch Voices, LOL! (self-released)

S.N.Y.P., Gimmie Dat Beat (Monopolie)

Southern Culture On The Skids, Doublewide and Live (Yep Roc)

Chris Stamey (feat. Big Star, Whiskeytown, Roman Candle, more), Christmas Time Again (Collector's Choice)

Janet Stolp, Slow Me Down (self-released)

Tennis & the Mennonites, Quilt Noise (Breakfast Mascot Music)

Andy Thorn, Bolin Creek (Thornpipe Music)

Traces of Morrow, Seventeen Days Without the Sun (self-released)

The Trekky Yuletide Orchestra, A New Old Fashioned Christmas (Trekky)

Tres Chicas, Bloom, Red & The Ordinary Girl (Yep Roc)

Twilighter, Fixed (self-released)

Valient Thorr, Legend of the World (Volcom)

Velvet, The Juggernaut (Double Decker Bus)

Justin Vernon, Hazeltons (self-released)

Vibrant Green, Artless Yet Excellent (Trekky)

The Vints, The Vints (self-released)

Alex Weiss & Different Drum, North of the Border (self-released)

Katharine Whalen, Dirty Little Secret (M.C.)

Water Callers, The Finest of the Wheat (self-released)

Randy Whitt, We've Had Some Trouble (self-released)

Worst Case Scenario, The Order of the Morning Star (self-released)

The Yayhoos, Put the Hammer Down (Lakeside Lounge)

Various Artists, Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas (Sir Walter)

Various Artists, Songs for Sixty Five Roses (Songs for Sixty Five Roses)

Various Artists, 307 Knox Records Free Diskette (307 Knox)

Various Artists, 3x4 (Pox World Empire)


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