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The tough road of a Bitch

New York's Bitch comes to Durham, looking for community



Taking a band named Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion on the road has its difficulties: Bitch, the New York band's longtime leader, says she often gets put in the box of a "radical queer feminist." It's tough because of the "crazy reaction [one] has to suffer for saying the f-word—the feminist word." But it's always been her goal to offer more than that.

"[We're a] rip-roarin' hootenanny, a very serious political debate and an emotional rollercoaster," explains Bitch, whose violin and keyboard lead the trio, backed by drummer Lee Free and bassist/vocalist Gabriel Kubitz. The band's goal, says Bitch, is to be a reflection of peace and love. "That's what we want people to feel at shows," she says.

But touring isn't just about overcoming provincial genuflection. When the band hits the road, Bitch finds support in towns across the country, a reminder that her music is part of a strong whole. "Touring is a really good way for me to remember that I have a community and that it exists," she says. "It's really inspiring to me that I get to go from town to town and the queer folks show up. It reminds me what a human family we all are."

Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion plays Duke Coffeehouse Thursday, Oct. 15, at 9 p.m. with The Ex-Members and Midtown Dickens.

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