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The Torch Marauder

Converging vertices



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The Torch Marauder
  • The Torch Marauder

In case you were wondering, The Torch Marauder's hitching a ride. The man in blue keeps his cape in Durham and lets a Bull City mainstay, Pox World Empire, put out his records. On the Triceratops/Can I Get a Lift EP, the Marauder even takes two minutes to extol the city's virtues during "Durham Town." He slams Raleigh and Chapel Hill, as they don't have the Eno, the Bulls or the Museum of Life and Science. He digs them all. The Torch Marauder is too much of a superhero to be a bull, but he certainly dresses in Duke Devil blue.

But the Marauder needs to get to Carrboro by Saturday, when he'll release his record at the Cat's Cradle. And get this: It's not just a solo standoff for a kind (super)man in foreign lands. He's letting bands from both Chapel Hill (young singer-songwriter Nathan Oliver, also on Pox; Ben Davis & the Jetts) and Durham (Des Ark) share his release party. And it's not coercion. The Marauder could snap us all with a guitar solo or a ditty about North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie K. Berry. He even knows that, down the street at Local 506, a consortium of Chapel Hill musicians known as the Bu Hanan collective will be releasing a record of their own. Not only is the Marauder OK with that, he wants people to go to both. Power begets insanity, no?

As much of a Durham booster as he may be, The Torch Marauder may just be the iron man of Triangle musical geo-integration. Check the credits for Triceratops/Can I Get a Lift?: Sara Bell, Dave Cantwell, Tyson Rogers, Zeno Gill and a dozen more Triangle musicians lend a hand. And he's not alone: Durham's Des Ark is sharing a split with Chapel Hill's Ben Davis, and the UNC-Chapel Hill symphony even plays on it. These Triangle scenes are far from seamless, and, as long as an interstate is the only way of transit between them, they never will be. Well, unless The Torch Marauder—who says he's retiring after this gig to focus on some band called The Grappling Hook—could craft a wave of his sound stretching from Exit 273 to 289 like a roller coaster. Hmm, now there's an idea....

The Torch Marauder shares a CD release party with Des Ark, Ben Davis & The Jetts (for their split Battle of the Beards) and Nathan Oliver (for his self-titled Pox debut). The Grappling Hook will also play. The show is free and begins at 9 p.m.

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