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The Target Shoots First


Wanna blame somebody for the mainstreaming of "alternative" music? What about Chris Wilcha? After Nirvana blew up, selling millions of copies of their Nevermind album, Wilcha was yanked upstairs by his employer, the gigantic record club Columbia House, to help them milk the new alt-music cash cow. Based on his musical knowledge as a recent college graduate, Wilcha was asked to create an alt-rock sales catalog. Making the alternative music world meld with the corporate mind was a very difficult, albeit extremely amusing, task. Wilcha lets us in on the farce by toting his Hi-8 video camera with him back and forth from marketing to the creative department of the Sony-owned company. DoubleTake screened the film at their documentary film festival earlier this year, but will bring Mr. Wilcha and his film back for two showings at the Center for Documentary Studies this Friday night. Be sure to check out the film's promo poster--it was done by Chapel Hill artist and indie-rocker Ron Liberti. See "Special Showings" for details.

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