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The Sparkleberries' Skylight Exchange




There are at least three approaches to appreciating Skylight Exchange. You can marvel at the remarkable re-creation of Lou Reed at his most inviting, with any number of New Sensations cuts serving as templates for Skylight's 10 charmers. The vocals of singer/ songwriter/ rhythm guitarist Ken Kleinfeld match Reed's in tone, cadence and laid-back omniscience, with Chris Stamey and Bob Craver taking turns filling the Lou-on-lead-guitar role. Or you can play spot-the-Chapel Hill/ Carrboro-landmark (if you need a signpost to help jump-start that part of the game, there's literally one pictured on the back cover) and guess the identity of the folks referred to by first name only, including the titular pair of Tim and Holly. Not since Ben Folds Five bounced through "Where's Summer B.?" has there been such Franklin and Rosemary Street-centered drama and high jinks. Or, of course, you can just enjoy the first-rate pop-rock and the endearing hooks herein on their own merits. Here, it's dreamt up by Kleinfeld and delivered by a talented crew that includes Roman Candle's Logan Matheny and former Candler Jeff Crawford.

You get to have it all with "Walking Slow," an instantly embraceable number guaranteed to have you singing its "Down in Carrboro" chorus in your best Reed.

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