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The Sex Issue


On Sunday, February 14, flowery cards will be exchanged. Heart-shaped boxes loaded with heart-shaped chocolates will be shared. Fluffy teddy bears sporting goofy, smiling faces will be gifted. But very few of these tokens will get to the root cause of so much of the romantic-industrial complex, the thing that couples (or, as you’ll soon read, trios and groups and puppy piles and so on) will likely do a little later that night—that is, have sex.

For the first time in at least a decade, the INDY’s Sex Issue takes a deep dive into our most wondrous animal instinct. We gather first-person testimonials from swingers and dommes that double as moms. We ponder loneliness in the time of online dating and explore dating with herpes in a progressive region. We trawl Craigslist’s Casual Encounters, (decide not to) get our pubes sculpted, hypothesize North Carolina-centric sex positions, explore polyamory, and talk to a sex journalist.

And no discussion of sex in this state would be complete without some sendup of the neoconservative politicians who pretend that all this is more icky than awesome. First, we look at the failures of their polices for North Carolina families and, then, we stand back and watch those hypocritical loons screw themselves into oblivion.

Stay safe, kids.



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