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Screen: Special Showings

The Room

When: Thu., Aug. 31, 8:30 p.m. 2017

There are good movies, there are bad movies, and then there's The Room. If you've never experienced the 2003 "masterpiece," this screening is a good primer for the upcoming The Disaster Artist, the film about the making of the film, with James Franco as auteur Tommy Wiseau. Even Franco's weirdness will have to stretch to capture the bizarre Wiseau, whose craggy features and unplaceable accent form the epicenter of this fever-dream melodrama. The plot, such as it is, has writer/director/star Wiseau's character, Johnny, dealing with his future wife Lisa cheating on him with his best friend—plus numerous scenes and subplots that go nowhere, featuring a drug dealer, a game of alleyway touch football in tuxedos, and one character randomly announcing she has breast cancer, which is neither acknowledged nor followed up. No blurb can convey the intonation of such immortal lines as, "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!" or "How's your sex life, Mark?" The Room is not so much watched as it is experienced. Its utterly inept acting, pacing, green-screening, and internal consistency have no relation to things humans do and say. But Wiseau is so utterly committed to his brazen, Johnny-centric universe that he achieves a kind of transcendence. Maybe take your bathroom break during one of the four sex scenes; at least one recycles footage from another. And note that you get a dollar off admission if you come dressed as Wiseau or bring a plastic spoon, like the one visible, inexplicably, in several framed pictures throughout the film. —Zack Smith

Price: $5

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