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The real state of things


  • Number of voters age 18-29 who think "the country is off on the wrong track": 58
  • Number of states that have created as many jobs as President Bush predicted last year: 3
  • Number of states in the South that have: 0
  • Percent of African-Americans who are unemployed or have given up looking for jobs: 13.5
  • Amount by which President Bush's budget underfunds the No Child Left Behind Act, in billions: $9.4
  • Percent that credit card debt has increased in last five years: 185
  • Number of people that filed for bankruptcy in 2003, in millions: 1.6
  • Income of Citigroup executive Sandy Weil in 2003, per day: $122,466

    --The Institute for Southern Studies. Visit for more information.

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