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The Real Racists


On our blog last Thursday, INDY staff writer Danny Hooley reported on a Daily Caller hit on a Durham Central Park School teacher who taught first graders about the Black Lives Matter movement. Not surprisingly, perhaps, this story engendered some comments-section outrage.

"The fact is this," writes Eugene D. "Six-year-old children were forced to participate in a Black Lives Matter march against the will of some of the parents, who weren't even asked for consent. The teacher is now using them as a shield, claiming it was 'all their idea' and taking no responsibility for the lives and minds she is in charge of. She should be fired, and she should lose her license to teach."

"Funny how all of the people defending this are trying to say it was the kids' idea," adds commenter Forsberg. "You know that nobody is dumb enough to believe that, right? You are trying to say a group of first graders are all about social justice. No, you are trying to indoctrinate them. It's also not surprising that the people who are trying to push that obvious falsehood are also using all of the typical buzzwords 'racist,' 'xenophobic,' and, of course, 'bigoted.'"

Sulla Felix has some thoughts about who the real racists are: "Let me put you liberals at the INDY in your place. The issue is this: it is indoctrinating six-year-olds into issues that they aren't intellectually capable of understanding. The BLM movement is controversial for one reason only: they will protest to the ends of the earth a white man killing a black one, but don't show up with a black man kills another black man. That's racism in a nutshell."

"I don't have a problem with kids in elementary school participating," writes Roy B. "But it shouldn't be during a school day. There is a difference between studying a contemporary political movement and actively participating in it. Kids should study BLM in schools. They also should study what is going on with Bernie Sanders, the tea party, and Donald Trump, because these are the defining movements of this election cycle. They should not be forced to put on BLM T-shirts (something the INDY left out from the Daily Caller article) and march."

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