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The Real Best of the Triangle 2003

Our annual honors for the area's greatest

As our readers well know, The Independent purchased the Spectator last year and now we've got the monopoly on the alternative newsweekly angle in the Triangle. We at the Indy have always called our "Best Of" issue "The Real Best of the Triangle," since the 'Tator had always done "The Best of the Triangle"—and because we're just catty like that. Now that it's just us chickens, we're arranging things in a slightly different way—a mix of both our olde style and the 'Tator's style. Instead of having a separate section for our readers' poll, you'll find them throughout the text (with our still catty comments), right next to our "Indy Picks". Some of our picks are responses to our own ballot, some are just some things we felt were outstanding enough to deserve a mention.

Hopefully you'll find some new things in here to broaden your mind, challenge your palate and encourage you to put more miles on that SUV. No matter how divided the Triangle may seem, with each of the cities so fiercely defensive of their own identities, we have one thing in common: We all live in a fantastic place.

By the way, you should drop by our "Best Of" party, Friday, May 2, 7 p.m., at the Big Barn in Fearrington Village. Note to winners: You get in for free.

Writers: David Auerbach, Grayson Currin, K8 Erwin, Bob Geary, Richard Hart, Laura Hatmaker, Liz Holm, Beth Livingston, Cheryl Loucks, Fiona Morgan, olufunke moses, Jessica Okon, Barbara Solow, Jennifer Strom
Editor: Laura Hatmaker
Photos: York Wilson, Alex Maness
Illustrations: Mark Cunningham
Design: Liz Holm

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