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The Parallax View

Looks like Warren Beatty skipped out on the recent presidential primaries. It's too bad. None of the current Democratic contenders can quite match the shine of Holly-wood's favorite casanova. Perhaps what frightened him away from the big race (other than his complete lack of experience) was a trip down memory lane to his 1974 film The Parallax View. In the mystery-thriller, Beatty plays a shaggy reporter who clues in to an organization responsible for assassinating political figures. Not only does this group kill a senator, but they slowly begin taking out any reporters who witnessed the shooting. All slickly packaged and produced, this is considered one of director Alan J. Pakula's finest films--an accolade that is remarkable in that he's also responsible for Sophie's Choice, All the President's Men and Klute. Check out the special screening of the classic at the Carolina Theatre in Durham Tuesday, Feb. 15. See "Special Showings" for details.

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