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The Indy Quiz


Hey Kids! Test your reading comprehension skills and win some great prizes! The first two participants to correctly answer the following questions derived from articles and information found in this edition of the Independent Weekly will receive prizes and random junk mail scooped up from the desk of actual Independent editors! Winners also will be eligible to contribute to the monthly You Be the Editor feature.

1 Why do dogs do things like leap at glass doors, bark at the wind, and try to chew every piece of furniture in the house?

2 Who did Ronald Reagan walk up to at his son's high school graduation and ask, "My name is Ronald Reagan, what's yours?"

3 Where can you find images of tiny people floating in sparse landscapes? A. At the Republican National Convention B. At Branch Gallery's current exhibit in Chapel Hill C. In the new film The Mother D. In Allen D. Powt's new novel, How Small is Small?

E-mail your answers to Be sure to put "Indy Quiz" in the subject line. Good luck and good reading!

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