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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Looking Back

Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of Aug. 6:

5 years ago: Afefe L. Tyyehimba reported on a compromise between land developers and the Cary Town Council. Given the massive growth of Cary in recent years, the council proposed an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance to either slow new development projects or have developers contribute financially to needed town improvements. Either way, the proposal would help Cary's infrastructure--roads, schools, etc. --keep up with changes brought on by the construction. 10 years ago: Melinda Ruley observed the legal battle between PHE Inc. --also known as Adam & Eve adult mail order company--and area ministers in Hillsborough. PHE President Phil Harvey wanted to move the company to Meadowlands business park; area ministers, feminists and the American Family Association became strange bedfellows in opposing the relocation. Amid the local relocation debate, Ruley noted Harvey's other, more international endeavor, DKT International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing birth control and family planning education in Third-World countries.

20 years ago: John Nielsen examined the continued existence of drive-in theaters in rural North Carolina. Nielsen noted the some 600 people that would flock to the Thunderbird Drive-in outside of Salisbury, letting folks watch Blue Thunder and Radiers of the Lost Ark at $5 a car. Drive-ins thrived on catering to niche markets, like the Cheech and Chong films fan following. Owner George Wilson noted that while showing Cheech and Chong films the audience tended to "attack" the concession stand for sustenance.

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