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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Looking back

Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of July 30:

5 years ago: The Independent put the lovin' in summer lovin' by dedicating an issue to pleasures discussed in a "sex positive" manner. The pleasures in question ranged from tantra to jelly-like substances resembling dildos, but pleasures just the same. The special feature included Adam & Eve founder Phil Harvey discussing America's sexual hang-ups and Karen Mann commenting on a recently completed "Kiss and Tell" survey completed by Triangle residents.

10 years ago: Melinda Ruley examined the riots in Concord that erupted following the death of Angelo Darcel Robinson. Robinson died from being sprayed with mace by police officers breaking up an argument outside a local Waffle House--after Robinson told the officers we was asthmatic. Further police interaction with his neighborhood sparked a riot. Ruley depicted a town deeply divided by racial tension, with everyone from local politicos, the Piedmont Peace Project and the Rev. Jesse Jackson exploiting the Robinson death after it received national media attention.

20 years ago: Nancy Pierce recounted the numerous failures Charlotte had with maintaining a professional sports team in the area. Focusing on the most recent, the Carolina Storms, Pierce reported that a meager 3,000 people in Memorial Stadium was a big crowd for the Storms--the only time the stadium sold out was for the high school football Shrine Bowl.

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