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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Looking back


Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of July 16:

5 years ago: Virginia Holman discussed her foray into self-defense classes after unnerving conflict in a Durham Revco. "The simple act of attending the class was less an act of confronting an attacker than of confronting my own terror," she recounted. "Now the hand that once covered my laughs has been transformed--into a the fist of a woman with a voice and knowledge. I'm mastering my follow-through."

10 years ago: Barry Yeoman's musings turned toward that year's congressional redistricting process. He noted that superficially, it did seem odd that Melvin Watt, a Charlotte civil rights attorney, was representing him in Durham as part of the 12th district. But Yeoman explained that geography was not as important as shared values--and Watt exemplified the values of the racially mixed urban community that comprises his district.

20 years ago: Alma Blount interviewed sculptor Bob Gaston about his approach to his craft. After taking his work in a more abstract direction, he tired of abstraction and switched to sculpting animals like the pig atop Crook's restaurant on Franklin Street. "It sort of became like a dream come true," he said about the Crook's project. "I wanted to make something that would be a part of a folklore, a landmark. I wanted to make something that could go in the public realm."

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