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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Looking back


Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of June 25:

5 years ago: Sue Sturgis documented the anxiety residents near Carrboro's Baldwin Park felt following the disbanding of the Joint Drug Task Force, a Chapel Hill-Carrboro cooperative police effort credited by residents for cleaning up the area. "We don't need the whole force, but we do need your commitment to respect our communities and help us get rid of the dealers," wrote several Baldwin residents to Chapel Hill and Carrboro town governments in response to the force's demise. "The time for words and games is over."

10 years ago: Melinda Ruley interviewed Durham property-tax appraiser Pat Antley as about 15,000 county residents appealed their property assessments for over-taxation and asked for Antley's head on a platter. Described as "Minnie Pearl with a lethal intellect and a social conscience," Antley offered no excuses for the problems, and instead focused on getting the department up-to-date technologically and Durham residents up-to-date with their historically-taxed properties.

20 years ago: Julie B. Hairston explained North Carolina's "Micro Myths," namely the arguments asserted during Gov. Jim Hunt's emphasis on technology as a job source. Other myths Hairston argued against include, "Microelectronics is a booming industry still in its infancy and will continue to grow exponentially until the end of the century" and "Microelectronics is a 'clean' industry."

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