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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Looking back

Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of June 18:

5 years ago: Darren Stanhouse cited how a recent newsgroup debate led to questions of journalistic fair use and professional integrity. The local spat began when newsgroup members began a heated debated on pornography, from which excerpts were printed in Ha!, a local feminist zine. Some newsgroup members said their quotes were taken out of context; Stanhouse argued that even zines and newsgroups need to take more thought into what is stated publicly.

10 years ago: Hal Crowther characterized Bill Clinton's first 100 days in office as a case study in media scrutiny--or the media's ability to criticize a presidency to the point that the elected official's stature starts to shrink before the country's very eyes. "Try to remember. If Bill Clinton has to invade a foreign country to boost his stature, maybe we could get by with a smaller president for the time being. There's still plenty of time, if no one panics."

20 years ago: Julie B. Hairston illustrated the difficulty that R. Gene Puckett had taking over the Biblical Recorder, the 150-year-old Baptist newspaper that was then the third largest paper in the state, from longtime editor Marse Grant. Updating the paper's design and taking a less outspoken approach than his predecessor, Puckett still faced skepticism from both the Baptist convention's fundamentalist and moderate factions.

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