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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Looking back


Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of June 11:

5 years ago: Sue Sturgis' investigation into U.S. Sen. Lauch Faircloth's political maneuverings illustrated how his political decisions helped line his own pockets. Among the examples of Faircloth's behavior included an instance during the his stint as the N.C. Highway Commission chair in which he rebuilt several roads in his home county that were adjacent to Faircloth-owned land or businesses.

10 years ago: Bob Moser reported that Durham-based Africa News Service had discontinued publication of Africa News right after it had received the 1993 Utne Reader Alternative Press Award for International Reporting. Rather than shut the program down, some of Africa News Service's staff remained to publish on the Internet.

20 years ago: Dee Reid reported that while North Carolina's leadership continued to say that tobacco was the state economic backbone, at least 26 percent of the state's tobacco went unsold, and that would likely worsen. As a result, the number of tobacco farmers statewide started declining, while the size of farms increased, effectively consolidating the state's tobacco market.

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