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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of May 14:

5 years ago: Bob Geary examined the possible widening of Lead Mine Road in Raleigh, still a dirt road when Vicki Pediaditakis moved there with her family 55 years before. When the Pediaditakis' neighbor, Robert Smith, died, his heirs got the land rezoned commercial, threatening to make Lead Mine into a five-lane shopping strip.

10 years ago: Hal Crowther, in his column, decried the hypocrisy of the NCAA and the sanctimonious nature of college athletics. According to Crowther, Jim Valvano's downfall was a result of the fact that he didn't fully understand the power of "basketball's Big Lie"--the myth of the student-athlete--and the importance, especially in the South, of paying lip service to the supposed purity of the game, as coaches like Mike Krzyzewski do.

20 years ago: Ann Morris wrote that small farmers in North Carolina were in more trouble than perhaps any time since the Great Depression. The number farmers who were late in their payments to the Farmers Home Administration had risen from 6.3 percent in 1976 to 22 percent in 1982, and the number of family-owned farms had declined from 130,000 in 1964 to 68,000 in 1978. "It was so easy to borrow money from Farmers Home," said Linda Brown, who with her husband owned a 38-acre farm in Northampton County. "We were encouraged to get bigger and buy lots of equipment we didn't really need."

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