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The Goat flyer wasn't news


I find it offensive that the Independent would waste almost half its news section reporting on the offensive language used in a flyer posted inside a small, private, local bar ("Raleigh bar advertises with offensive language," by Amanda Younger, Feb. 20).

It is apparent that the flyer in question was in no way a direct attack on the local Chinese-American community, or a deliberate action to intimidate, spread hate or demoralize a specific group. As reported, the flyer was posted inside The Goat bar and not distributed publicly. At best, this was a maligned attempt at humor that succeeded only in revealing a level of ignorance that needed no attention whatsoever. By covering this story and reprinting their flyer you unwittingly gave free advertisement and press for a business that your article proved undeserving. How hypocritical.

Surely you could've found better use of print space than this non-newsworthy item you deemed fit for publication. I am offended, not by the absurdity and ignorance that was reported, but that it was reported. Indeed, you saw fit to post this on your news page, directly below an article on national current events. Was this an attempt at humor on your part? If so, you may have failed as much as the misdirected subjects of your article. Shame on you.

Christopher Shaw

The writer is an employee of The Goat bar.

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