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The Fantastical Nature of Motherhood

When: March 10-20 2011

Harrison Pointe Shopping Center (267 Grande Heights Drive)—It ain't easy being Mom: morning sickness, weird cravings, and then there's that business of lugging a 12-pound bowling ball everywhere with you, including to bed for nine months. Without even the occasional comforts of strong drink. Or sushi, for that matter. And after giving birth—Oy!—any plans you might have had for the next, say, two decades or so are now going to require the little one's approval, or at least its forbearance. So Mary, a teen mom somewhere out there in trailer park nation, already has a tough row in front of her. Then she learns (from a Highly placed source) that her little baby just might be the second coming of Christ.

But Lamaze classes aren't the only things to be disrupted in Sylvia Mallory's re-examination of several millennia's conventional wisdom regarding mother and child. "We're taught at a very young age that mothers are supposed to pour all of our expectations into these little individuals," the playwright muses. "We're supposed to put them on this pedestal. But since they're just humans, they ultimately fall. And women lose a part of who they are." Will things go differently for a poor girl whose prenatal team includes Donna, the goddess of Stepford wives, and the (original) wolf mother? What promises to be a thoughtful, humorous second look into the maze of motherhood gets its world premiere in this production by The Distillery at the Free Association Theater Ensemble's Cary storefront space. The show runs Thursdays through Sundays through March 20. Tickets are $5–$20. —Byron Woods

Price: $5-20

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