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The Durham-Chapel Hill Line


The real Boss hoss floats in the night air
If, like me, you didn't actually attend the Springsteen concert at Kenan Stadium on UNC's campus on the clear Sunday night of Sept. 14, but were still in the neighborhood of Chapel Hill or Carrboro, it was easy to feel like you were there. Without even leaving the living room, the booming bass and percussion were quite audible in the crisp night air, with intermittent showers of roaring applause from the crowd, or Bruce announcing another number. At first, I thought somebody was boomin' in their Jeep, subwoofer about to explode, causing a major traffic hazard. The infrequency of music at Kenan has caused a lot of us to remember how the sound can travel, and in this case, it was a pleasant surprise. Walking out onto the front stoop, I gave pause to the raucous din raining down. If not fully articulate, it was still a memorable moment of summer's end when the swells of chord changes and songs' big finishes dotted the air around me like night lights as bright as the planet Mars staring down at me.

Losing Lost City
In the wake of the local independent record stores that have closed in the Triangle in the last year like Radio Free Records in Durham, and Waxworx and Crooked Beat in Raleigh, Chapel Hill is losing a longtime fixture as well. Lost City Music and Video, located on Rosemary Street, just across from the Skylight Exchange/Nightlight and Henry's Bistro, is closing its doors at the end of this month, after having been a regular stop for hip-hop and dance music fans --especially DJs-- for more than six and a half years. Lost City has suffered from the same woes plaguing these other businesses, like the poor economy and the boom of downloading digital music, though its clientele has always been a selective lot, seeking stacks of wax over CDs. Word got out quickly that the vinyl-centric shop, with its close proximity to venues like the Cat's Cradle, Go! Studios and Local 506, was a must-see for visiting touring DJs and musicians. In announcing the closing, owner Erik Ose recently noted; "All three members of Jurassic 5 swung through the other day when they were playing the Cat's Cradle. They said they were amazed by some of the old school hip hop we had, and if our store was in L.A., we'd sell out of everything within a week."

Ose's specialization in hard-to-find videos in recent years also endeared him to cult movie fans. You're as likely to find a copy of some Z-grade horror flick there as a rare weird music video compilation from the '80s. The store is holding a closeout sale on all merchandise through Sept. 30. For more info, call 933-5678.

Cool John shifts locales
Durham blues guitarist guru Cool John Ferguson is doing a stint at Durham's Bluz Eatery and Spirits, with weekly Saturday night shows continuing this weekend Sept. 27, through each consecutive Saturday in October. Even if you've already seen Cool John at his home base of the All People's Grill on Guess Road., you'll want to check out his guitar fireworks in this casual joint, with a reasonable $7 cover. The club is located at 4310 S. Miami Blvd. For more information, call 572-2580. EndBlock

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