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Family affair
Since the rise in popularity of e-relationships--thanks to Friendster and newsgroups being the replacement for water-cooler conversations, where hand-illustrated party invitations are lovingly passed around, Triangle musicians also are spreading themselves around electronically, getting the word out on their parties, shows and recordings.

One Chapel Hill-based group of electronic musicians has created, an online library of multimedia files of local house, techno, drum and bass, etc, with both DJ mixes and original production, as well as various types of video projects. Look for work from Yasoon, Simon Booth and My Hero, Zero among many others. As organizers Max Gustashaw and Laurin Fedora state in an introductory section of the site, "By providing a forum in which amateur producers can share their digital video and electronic music work, we hope to build a workshop for ideas and a resource for those of you who are eager to express yourselves through these media."

It's all very informal and communal, with the members encouraging newcomers to participate in message board discussions, post their own files via FTP to the site, or just visit to see what's going on. For instance, they just hosted a show with NYC house innovator John Howard , recorded the show on mini-disc, and will post it on the site. Folks are invited to download and record the files, and share with friends, in hopes of spreading the word in the process. Or as they put it, "Why should you contribute your work to our library? Besides the fact that it gives your work the exposure it needs and deserves, by submitting your work, you're encouraging other producers to do the same, and thus creating an atmosphere for a more diverse sharing of ideas. You might even inspire someone to produce his or her first work!" Now, what could be friendlier than that?

A new bride
In rocking out on a more analog level, don't miss the upcoming two-headed lineup of local duo the Moaners on Saturday, Sept. 13 at Local 506. Melissa Swingle of country mysterians Trailer Bride joined forces with Laura King on drums, and the result is a formidable thunderclap of old rural music and rock brashness. They'll be opening for Dexter Romweber, so this should be quite a night. EndBlock

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