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A journal of music happenings in the Durham-Chapel Hill area



Hosting independent hip hop just got easier
Fans of underground music have banded together for years, bringing artists to the Triangle from all over the country. In many cases, these folks are promoting the shows, and working as a paid service to the artists or labels supporting them. Now there's a new not-for-profit group hosting underground hip-hop artists that might not usually consider the Triangle as a stop on their East Coast jaunts. Meet the Collective for Independent Hip-Hop (CIH), based in Chapel Hill.

Formed as an outreach resource for locals to help contact the artists, organize events and provide a comfortable visit for the artist, the CIH is a welcome sight in the Triangle hip-hop community. The mission of the CIH is one similar to the Triangle's own Alliance for Improvised Music (AIM), which has successfully welcomed musicians of varied stripes to the area, offering respectable guarantees and a warm reception. The CIH presented a recent event, featuring St. Louis artists Serengeti, DJ Crucial and the Art Thugz from F5 Records, with more to come.

With such strong hip-hop communities in Durham and Raleigh, the CIH will only enhance the opportunities for live hip hop in the area, benefiting the artists, and of course, we the hip-hop fans. To learn more, subscribe to the listserv or join the Collective for Independent Hip-Hop, visit its Web site at

Bigger is Better
Good news for ever-hustling Durham musicians as there is a boost in support, participation and overall size for the Durham Association for Downtown Arts' (DADA) second annual music event, now titled the Durham Music Festival. Last year's event was an outdoor, single-venue affair featuring 15 Durham-based groups and artists. For the upcoming 2003 event, it's stretched to a three-day weekend run from Thursday, Aug. 28 through Saturday, Aug. 30, with more than 50 participating acts. To name a few: 12oz Curl, Sandra Covin, CSMG, Gerty, Holy Roman Empire, Justus League, Omerta, Section Eight, Shark Quest, and so on. Co-sponsored by the City of Durham and Duke University, the festival will put proceeds from the events toward the new Durham Music Fund, a trust "to identify and prioritize needs in the Durham music community and make purchases to improve existing and increase the variety and quantity of venues in Durham." Sounds like big doings in the Bull City next month. Fifteen bucks covers a festival pass for the whole weekend. EndBlock

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