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The dog that finds you

My dogs all “found me,” too (“The Ballad of Rufus J. Dog,” Front Porch, April 26). At one time, I had three living with me and my two cats in my tiny house in downtown Raleigh. I was working two jobs and didn’t know how I could possibly make it work. But somehow I did.

None of it was convenient or easy. But, it was always full of love and learning and a lot of smiling. For this reason, I promised to never turn my back on them, no matter what life threw at me. I held the faith that somehow we were supposed to be together. I’ve never regretted that.

My dogs have all protected me and loved me and even “answered my prayers”—just like Rufus James. There are many dogs out there “looking for a good home.” It sounds like this dog has one.

Tracey Oliveto

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