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The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer

When: Oct. 24-27 2013

In a post-apocalyptic world—one that rings a bit truer than the zombie-centric models—those who have survived natural disasters, rising sea levels and the deaths of billions of people now reside on farms atop skyscrapers. Their only hope to save the human race is in the exploration of Earth's largest ecosystem: our oceans. As if this doesn't sound thrilling enough, the job of finding a new underwater home for humanity falls to Alvin Sputnik, a man who's just lost his wife and takes the mission so that he might follow her soul to the underworld, where they can once again be together.

The poignancy of the show, created and performed by Tim Watts and originally produced in Australia, is not easily summarized. Alvin Sputnik wraps puppetry, animation, technology, a love story and an environmental message into a stage show that earned Best Solo Show honors at the New York International Fringe Festival. Rather than distinguishing between larger concepts—the pragmatic desire to mend the planet and preserve humanity—and an intimately personal love story between two people, Alvin Sputnik brilliantly blends the two. —Mary Alta Feddeman

Price: $16-26

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