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Thanks, Coach



Phew. That was close.

Friends who'd seen Coach K early on the Fourth of July weekend talked about just how excited he was, like a little kid even. He was going. Things looked bleak in the collective zip codes of 27700, there was no joy in Durville on Sunday night.

Cameron Crazies have a four-year life span, townies are lifers.

The signs all say Durham: City of Medicine. Not so, dawg. What it is, is Durham: City of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Mike Krzyzewski made it happen. Coach made Durham a contenda. He made Durham the dateline capital of college basketball, the lead story on SportCenter when hoops were in season.

"Live from Durham... And now we take you to Durham... We're live in Durham as..."

Think about it.

Someone calls you up, says hey buddy, 8 mil to move to Hollywood for a year. You got kids? Grandkids? Lifetime go-to-the-front-of-the-line passes for Disneyland for anyone you like.

What else? Cars? Movie action? Front row tix at the Staples Center for Prince? A box at The Forum... forever. Malibu invites? Jack Nicholson in the house? Or not?

Coach turned all that down. Thanks, Coach.

His decision was all about heart. He said so in Monday's press conference. That's some heart.

So Kobe wants to play for Coach K? He'll have to jump from the NBA to the ACC.

That first home game in Cameron next year, let's just spot the visitor the whole first half. And give the Coach a twenty-minute standing O.

Thanks, Coach.

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