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Thad Cockrell

When: Fri., Aug. 20, 6 p.m. 2010

Thad Cockrell has the perfect voice for his music. His willowy tenor negotiates a tightrope, expressing strange comfort from a height few would consider safe. He sounds terribly exposed, tempting fate with evocative sincerity. The son of a preacher and brother of two more, Cockrell weaves ideas about faith, conviction and redemption, blurring the line (to the occasional chagrin of believers and nonbelievers alike) between earthly desires and the cosmic unknowable. Yet his pop-tinged country (or at times, vice versa) is fashioned with such a straightforward lack of pretense and such simple beauty that respect and admiration are the necessary byproducts. Perhaps that's an ill fit for Nashville, where sincerity's synonymous with navete, but whatever the cause, Cockrell's momentum's slowed significantly since leaving the Triangle for a second time. His latest, To Be Loved, might sound like a challenge (and perhaps it is by pop-country's narrow standards), but the music's simply a pleasure.—Chris Parker

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