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Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass Kickin Team

When: Thu., Dec. 25, 9 p.m. 2014



THE POUR HOUSE, RALEIGH—Terry Anderson was tired of not having a birthday party. So nearly 15 years ago, Anderson decided to take matters into his own hands, or at least those of his splendid pub-rock outfit, Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team: On Christmas night, they'd mark his birthday with a concert of their own.

"It bummed me out. Someone in my family would make me a cake, and they might sing me 'Happy Birthday,' but that would be about it," confesses Anderson, who turns 58 this year. A longtime Triangle drummer, songwriter and singer, his résumé includes the bands The Woods, The Fabulous Knobs and The Yayhoos and a hit penned for The Georgia Satellites. When he realized there were few entertainment options for people who didn't want to spend Christmas night at home, he decided it might be the perfect time for a show and his celebration.

"And I get presents," Anderson says. "People bring me wine, because they know I like to drink wine, or some other silly present. The way I look at it, I get more Christmas presents than anybody."

The OAK Team, now in the latter stages of making a new record, didn't play on Christmas last year, opting instead to play one of the final nights at their long-time and now gone haunt, Sadlack's. Indeed, these shows are annual markers for the passage of time, reminders of how the musicians and the scene around them have aged and changed. They played the first several holiday concerts at The Brewery, which fell to Hillsborough Street development in 2011. But The Pour House has offered a stable home since, allowing for old friends who are in town visiting family to gather for one night out. And Anderson admits that he is lucky that his bandmates—guitarist Dave Bartholomew, keyboardist Greg Rice, bassist Jack Cornell—all have family in the area, meaning they're around to help him celebrate.

"Dave just wants to play with anybody at any time, and Jack is ready to play with anybody, too. They're all good to go, almost every year. I'm usually the sticker," says the birthday boy. "I always say, 'I don't know this year.' But we do it." 9 p.m., $5–$7, 224 S. Blount St., Raleigh, 919-821-1120, the-pour-house.com. —Grayson Haver Currin

Price: $5-$7

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